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Eliminate 5 Limiting Beliefs That Are Costing You Money (You Didn't Know You Had) With This One Technique 
with Leslie Juvin-Acker
Speaker For This Webinar
Leslie Juvin-Acker
President and Chief Happiness Officer
Since 2008, Leslie Juvin-Acker has helped over 30,000 professionals increase their personal net worth and happiness through intuitive insight and practical career coaching.

Global professionals turn to Leslie for career and life guidance through their critical life moments. Leslie's client list includes  executives and senior level managers at companies such as Adidas, Facebook, IBM, Nixon, and Salomon.

Leslie is the author of her best-selling book The Money Formula, a 7 step, 15 minute or less protocol that changes your relationship money starting with the very first thought.

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What You'll Learn In This Free Presentation
Secret #1:
5 Limiting Beliefs That Are Costing You Money
You may not even know what beliefs are costing you money and keeping you from having more of it.
Secret #2:
How Leslie's Client Cleared $170,000 of Debt in ONE week
Discover the technique that changed this man's life, leaving him with a sudden, life changing windfall.
Secret #3:
The Simple Technique For Clearing Limiting Financial Beliefs
Learn this power technique to regain control over your financial outlook.
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